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Camden Park in Westchase Area Blog
Photo courtesy of Camden
Photo courtesy of Camden
Brooke Kinert
Monday, Aug. 14, 2023

Active public spaces have the power to transform cities and the urban core. Camden donated $1 million towards the development of Camden Park located in Houston, Texas, which will feature numerous spaces, including an activity lawn, an event lawn with a performance pavilion, a large children’s park designed to spark imagination, play areas with berms and water features for dogs to keep them cool and hydrated, and a generous promenade circling the park.

Quality public outdoor space creates economic, environmental, and social value for the community. It brings people together, provides a sense of place, and promotes healthy living and well-being.

Camden Park will become a social hub with year-round programming initiatives and a daily roster of free activities, including educational opportunities, fitness classes, performances, movie nights, and public arts programs.

More importantly, the park program and event calendar will create an inclusive space filled with activities for all ages, genders, cultures, and income levels.

• Natural Resources & Tree Relocation – Creating a riparian buffer with aquatic plant material at the edge of the park. By doing so, any stormwater run-off will be filtered through plant material and enter the system without contaminants, Relocating 20+ trees that block driver visibility in the medians of the district to the park site, creating an established tree canopy.

• Sustainable Design – Incorporating sustainable and innovative design choices and discoveries; Planting for erosion control, run-off filtration, and natural succession; Choosing native planting material and coordinating plant community adjacencies; Planting a large number of trees as a passive system to limit energy use, regulate temperature, heat island effect and air quality, and sequester carbon; Conducting analysis of the land to uncover opportunities for connecting with the existing drainage corridor and trail system; Creating additional stormwater infrastructure through a series of rain gardens.

• Health & Wellness – Striving to improve the health and well-being of the park guests through educational programs, fitness activities, healthy food options, and community engagement. The park will have spaces for both sun and shade, as well as a community garden.

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