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Give Back to Your Community this Holiday Season
Photo courtesy of Camden
Photo courtesy of Camden
Bobby Sheppard
Sunday, Dec. 1, 2024

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again, and what better way to celebrate and spread holiday joy than by giving back to your Camden community! The holidays are about spending time with family and friends and spreading joy and happiness wherever you can. As a Camden resident and employee, giving back to my community and seeing the effects of helping those around me always heightened my holiday experience. Here, the smallest acts can make a difference in your mood and those around you. Let the holiday cheer reflect in your actions, and give back today! Here are a few ideas to get you going.

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Photo Courtesy of Camden Flatirons in Broomfield, CO

Host a Community Holiday Gathering

One idea to give back to your Camden apartment community this holiday season is to host a gathering in your community clubhouse. This is a wonderful way to give back this season, especially since some people within your community may live far away from their families – this can be an opportunity for them to meet new friends and feel included this holiday season. You can post on the community forum MyCamden to help get people involved by asking your fellow neighbors to help bring snacks, decorations, and games to help bring everyone together. Make sure to touch base with your leasing office on reserving the clubhouse to ensure the event is the best it can be!

Donate Gifts to the Front Office

Another idea to give back to your community would be to donate affordable and easy gifts to the front office for your fellow residents and guests. This can include small holiday gift bags, holiday trinkets, or pre-packaged treats and sweets! The front office can use these gifts to give out to fellow residents stopping by. In my experience, any small gesture like this can completely change my entire day – knowing that I may have changed someone’s day for the better makes it even more worth it.

Donate Decorations

Do you have decorations piling up from previous years? A great way to not be wasteful and give back to your community would be to donate them! Let your community know this by simply posting the items on MyCamden to inform your neighbors that you have decorations you want to give out. This is a great idea to help spread holiday cheer, as some of your neighbors may not have many of their own decorations and would love to help recycle. Another pro: your Camden community will be even more decorated and beautiful for the holidays!


Photo Courtesy of Camden

Give back to the Community

Last but not least, one of the absolute best ways to give back to your community would be to volunteer or donate to events in the area that help give back! Many organizations give the public the opportunity to give back – these can be your local food bank, charities, or even Camden’s own Camden Cares! Camden Cares is how Camden and their residents help give back to our communities. Camden Cares events range from various charity events – from donating food, clothing, and children's holiday gifts. Check out this Camden Cares blog for wonderful examples of giving back to our communities in our Georgia and Florida markets.

Don't wait; create the joy of the holidays this year by giving back to your community today and make this year one for the books! Who knows, you may find a new holiday tradition for yourself in the process. Happy Holidays!

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