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Camden Builders, Inc Honored by Houston Area Women's Center
Photo courtesy of Camden
Photo courtesy of Camden
Andi Cashel
Friday, May. 31, 2024

Camden Builders, Inc. was honored at the 2024 Houston Area Women’s Center (HAWC) Believe Luncheon as part of the HAWC “Dream Team.”

As Emilee Whitehurst, President and CEO of the HAWC organization, announced Camden Builders, Inc., we heard a quiver in her voice when she described the wonderful work the construction team has accomplished. She went on to describe their gratitude for the beautiful new facility we are building.

Among the other members of the “Dream Team” were GSMA (Architects), Forney Construction (Project Manager), New Hope Housing (Partner and Expert in Affordable Housing), and Baker Botts (Pro Bono Legal Counsel).

Emilee received some laughs when she asked the audience to please hold their applause and standing ovations until the entire team was on stage “because you will need to stand for these amazing folks.” As we walked on stage, we were adorned with feather boas and presented with a beautiful award. It was a proud moment for Camden Builders, Inc.

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Camden Builders, Inc. Believe Luncheon Honoree award

The HAWC Believe luncheon wasn’t all about the accolades. The panel included Emilee Whitehurst, President & CEO, HAWC, Troy Finner, Former Houston Chief of Police, Lauren Brogdon, Survivor and Pro Bono Lawyer and Partner, Haynes Boone, Sonia Corrales, Deputy CEO, HAWC, and Dr. Jeff Temple, Professor & Associate Dean of Clinical Research, Director, Center for Violence Prevention and School of Behavioral Health Sciences, UTHealth, was full of passion in their efforts to help women and children in Houston and surrounding areas.

HAWC Believe Luncheon April 2024 -Panel1

The speaking panel at the HAWC Believe Luncheon

The speakers of note were Former HPD Chief Troy Finner and Survivor Lauren Brogdon. Former Chief Finner talked about the department’s efforts in investigating cases of domestic violence and apologized for taking so long to start the initiative. His passionate vow to save more lives was moving.

Mrs. Brogdon shared the story of her abuse as a child and how she was unaware that she was being abused, as she thought it was the way of life. She stated there are probably countless other children who could get caught in a violent cycle due to their not knowing loved ones should not treat children that way. Mrs. Brogdon is now a pro bono lawyer dedicated to helping abused women get out of their toxic relationships. Her efforts have helped over 85 survivors of domestic violence with protective orders, divorces, and custody disputes.

Camden Builders, Inc. has completed numerous affordable housing projects for New Hope Housing and the NHP Foundation and has multiple projects in progress like the new Houston Area Women’s Center facility. Visit to learn more about the company.

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