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Tips to Keep Your Refrigerator Cool
Photo courtesy of Camden Tempe
Photo courtesy of Camden Tempe
Esteban Langer
Wednesday, May. 15, 2024

Let’s talk about the big boy in the kitchen…your refrigerator! It works for you 24/7 365 days a year and asks for nothing from you. Or does it? Here are some tips that can help you keep your fridge running efficiently and at its best.

  • Keep your refrigerator settings at the manufacturer's recommended temperature, not the coldest temperature available. Regularly check both the refrigerator and freezer temperatures; the right temperature is 37 degrees for your refrigerator and 0 degrees for your freezer.

  • Don’t let the cold escape, check the door seals on your appliance. Use the dollar bill test; put a dollar bill between the seal and the refrigerator frame and try to pull it, if you can easily do it then the seals need some TLC. This is easy, just wash them with some hot water and mild soap.

  • If your freezer doesn’t have an auto defrost feature check it regularly and be careful to defrost it when the freeze gets too thick.

  • The fridge works by keeping humidity at bay while cooling your food. Storing open containers or loose items in the refrigerator increases moisture levels and makes it work harder. Plus exposure to cool open air will cause your food to dehydrate.

  • At the same time it seems like a no-brainer but…cool food down before you put it in the fridge; otherwise you are making it work overtime.

  • Keep the fridge full but not overstuffed. Aim for around 75 % full. Use pitchers of water to fill the space. (This can also help eliminate plastic waste because you’re not buying lots of bottled water!) Air needs to flow inside your refrigerator, so if it’s either too empty or too full, the air won’t move

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  • Every time you open the fridge, that precious cool runs away, so keep it organized. That way, you can keep the time the door is open to a minimum.

  • Also, keep the fridge clean, dispose of old items and spoiled food, and label your leftovers. This will help both with the flow of the air and the amount of time the door is open.

  • Regularly check the freezer inside vents to keep them unclogged and unobstructed. Most of the time they are towards the top of your appliance, and they flow from the freezer to the refrigerator.

  • It is just as important for the air to be able to move outside of your fridge as it is inside, keep it a few inches away from the wall to allow for air to circulate around it.

  • Remember, keep it cool; if possible, keep the fridge away from heat-emitting appliances such as stoves, ovens, and dishwashers.

  • Help your fridge by using your A/C. Did you know, refrigerators use up to 2.5% more energy for each extra degree of ambient room temperature.

Maintenance team member talking to manager at Camden apartments

Photo courtesy of Camden Centreport

  • Maybe the most important thing you can do is to clean your fridge condenser coil at least once a year. At Camden, we can do this for you when you renew your lease agreement, just send a Service Request. Or, if you prefer, check out this DIY video.

If, after all these tips, your refrigerator is not behaving, it’s time to call Camden’s awesome maintenance technicians! Simply put in a service request through MyCamden. We can help you ensure your appliances are running at their best.

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