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Moving? Here is how to make it easy!
Photo courtesy of Pexels by RODNAE Productions
Photo courtesy of Pexels by RODNAE Productions
Aliyyah Blackshear
Tuesday, Sep. 19, 2023

Moving can be such an exciting time, yet so stressful. At least, that’s how it was for me. From finding the right movers to deciding what I was going to throw away or keep for my new Camden apartment and then finally making my new place home. Here are some tips and tricks that helped me along the way!


The first step I made that helped me was going through things in my home that either no longer served a purpose, were old and worn out, or things that I hadn't used in a while. In addition, these few steps were extremely helpful while packing for a move.

  • Be sure to budget for moving boxes and movers - using movers can be costly, but in the end, they are worth it. Pro tip: Call College Hunks Movers (locations nationwide) and ask about a possible Camden resident discount on your move!

  • Donate or throw away things you no longer use or wear.

  • Be sure that you have an “essentials box. Pack this box with things that will aid you and your loved ones in your move until you've finished unpacking in your new place. This should include basics like -water, snacks, toilet paper, etc.

Reasons to Move on a Weekday

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Moving day

Be sure to have your prior requirements completed before your moving day, including renters insurance and all pet documentation that may be required for your new home, this can help your move-in appointment go by smoothly. This sounds so simple, but it goes a long way to have smooth move.

  • Ask family or friends for help. Loved ones can be huge when you move, and you’ll make great memories along the way!

  • Schedule an early move-in appointment - with a long day ahead of you, you want to be sure that you can gain access to your home and get the day started.

  • Consider moving on a weekday, when prices for movers may be lower, any loading docks or freight elevators are less busy, and you can spend the weekend ahead unpacking and getting settled in. Read more reasons why moving on a weekday is a great idea here.


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Making it home

Here comes the fun part, whether you’re living in a mid-rise or high-rise in the heart of the city, or a garden-style apartment community. Moving is the next chapter in your journey, and making your house a home is the most important part. Your home should be a place that you enjoy coming to. Whether you plan to host a party, have a few close friends over, or love spending time with your pet and a great book; be intentional about how you set up your space.

  • Do your research- Your home reflects your style and is part of how you express yourself.

  • Shop your favorite stores - whether online or in person, the places you always shop offer a style that speaks to you!

Don’t be afraid to thrift or resale shops – what someone else may consider trash really could be something you treasure. Be in tune with your creative self. There is something out there that will wow you, but you must first find it!

Multi level townhome living room with ceiling fan and high ceilings

Photo courtesy of Camden Cedar Hills Apartments in Austin, TX

Even though moving can be taxing, being prepared is the key to success! Planning ahead, and don't move a bunch of things that you no longer want or need. Be sure to prep and prepare for your move-in day. Maybe even schedule your move-in appointment ahead of time. And then your reward comes when you finally settle into your new Camden apartment, as everything comes together just as you hoped!

Want more moving tips? The Simply Camden blog has you covered. This one, in particular, features tips on how to make a move work with your cat!

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