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Minimalist Lifestyle: Ways to Keep Things Simple and Sustainable
Photo courtesy of Ready Made on Pexels
Photo courtesy of Ready Made on Pexels
Jourdan Garcia
Friday, Aug. 18, 2023

Choosing to live sustainably is easier than you think! There are so many ways you can minimize your carbon footprint and all it takes is a few tweaks from your current habits. Need a few suggestions? Check out this list to get a head start on a new eco-friendly lifestyle!

Reusable Dishes/Silverware

An easy way to reduce your waste and live more simply is to use dishware and silverware that can be washed and reused. Paper and plastic add extra unnecessary waste. When I switched to full reusable dishes and silverware, I thought it would be much harder than it truly was! It makes me happy knowing that washing a few extra dishes positively impacts the planet.

Water Filters

Water filters are so easy to buy nowadays and come in all different shapes and sizes! You can purchase the model and size that works best for you and your family. Water filters help by minimizing waste by eliminating single-use plastic water bottles. Some Camden apartments already have water filters attached to the fridge, like the homes at Camden North End!

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Cleaning Products

DIY has become all the rage over recent years, including DIY cleaning products. When you take the time to make your cleaning products, you know exactly what goes in them, and you can choose simple and safe ingredients. A popular concoction is mixing hot water, vinegar, and your favorite essential oils, making a versatile cleaning spray. For more cleaning product recipes, here are the Top 5 sustainable cleaning products for your home.

Leftovers and Food Waste

When I cook in my house, I cook for two, me and my husband. A lot of recipes I find are for larger families or households; Pinterest is always cooking for 6-8! I always love to use my leftovers in creative ways, like reusing the meat in a dish for something else the next day or popping them in the microwave/oven for an easy, simple meal. There are also fun ways to use food waste, like adding to plant soil or making beauty products. I have seen recipes that specifically use coffee grounds, lemon zest, yogurt, and oats! Next time your recipe calls for less than what is in the box, make a new face mask or bath soak. You can take it up a notch with all your new homemade products and have a spa day at home!

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Need more sustainable home ideas? These four easy swaps for a more sustainable home is a great blog to check out next!

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