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Is A Two-Bedroom Apartment Worth It for One Person?
Photo courtesy of Camden Creekstone Apartments
Photo courtesy of Camden Creekstone Apartments
Bianca Welsh
Thursday, Jun. 13, 2024

When selecting a new apartment home, there are many factors to consider: the best location, amenities offered, budget, and, the right size. For individuals living alone, the most common choice is typically a one-bedroom. However, there are instances where a two-bedroom could be a worthwhile option.

Let’s explore the advantages of choosing a two-bedroom apartment for a solo renter!

Extra Space for Work and Hobbies

With the increase in freelance and remote work, having a designated space at home has become invaluable. A second bedroom can provide a quiet and organized environment to keep that separate from the living areas.

Your extra bedroom is an excellent place for exploring activities and hobbies. Discover crafting or yoga! Create an eclectic, private library to unwind in your leisure time. Express your personal interests without cluttering your main area.

Extra Storage

Storage can be a huge issue for many renters in smaller apartment homes. Utilize the additional space to keep your holiday decorations, luggage, tools, or clothes! A convenient, walk-in closet could be just steps away!

B1 Floor Plan Walk-In Closet with Shelving.

Spacious closets, photo courtesy of Camden Lake Eola

Many of Camden’s communities offer built-in, tiered shelving in the closets. This makes it perfect for storing towels and sheets or displaying shoes and handbags! Check out these beautiful two-bedroom floorplans at Camden Lake Eola, located in downtown Orlando.

Future Flexibility

The future is ever-changing!

Selecting a two-bedroom apartment provides flexibility for any changes in the future. Having an additional room will allow for potential roommates, partners, or the need for a growing family. Consider getting a daybed to make the space feel larger, yet functional.

Hosting Visitors

Hosting becomes much more enjoyable when guests have their own space! A two-bedroom apartment home allows you to maintain your privacy and daily routine while offering a comfortable place for your guests to stay.

Multi-functional furniture such as benches or ottomans with hidden storage is a fashionable option for tucking away stored items from guests.

Flex space used as a guest space with a daybed at Camden Greenville

Photo courtesy of Camden Greenville

Are you looking to move into a larger apartment home? Camden has a terrific and convenient transfer program that makes it easy for you to move within your community or across the nation!

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