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How to be the Neighbor that Everyone Loves!
Photo Courtesy of Camden
Photo Courtesy of Camden
Ashton Gaconnier
Sunday, Oct. 15, 2023

We all have that one neighbor that we love. They pick up after their pets, they say hello to you anytime your paths cross and they aren’t noisy. I do not know about you, but I strive to be a great neighbor. Here are some ways to become everyone’s favorite neighbor!

Be a Mindful Pet Owner

We all love our furry friends; they are considered family to most of us. We feed them, take them on walks, to the dog park, and even let them choose their favorite spot on the couch! Pet proofing your apartment is the first step in being a great pet neighbor, check out this Camden blog on how to pet proof your home, for those new roommates!

One key to ensuring your surrounding neighbors love your pet just as much as you do is to pick up after them. No one wants to step into a pile of someone else’s pet waste or dodge it while playing with their furry friend in the dog park! We’ve got your back with private community dog parks and numerous pet waste stations throughout the communities, it is so easy to tick this box in the good neighbor column.

Another key to ensuring your furry friend is everyone’s furry friend is to follow your community’s pet rules. Make sure your dog is always on a leash when strolling your community and do not allow them to roam freely. Other dogs may not be as friendly, so be mindful of boundaries when it comes to other’s furry companions. Always ask if it is safe for your pets to meet, especially in an enclosed dog park.

Private dog park with agility equipment at Camden Midtown Apartments in Houston, TX

Fenced Off-Lease Dog Park at Camden Midtown in Houston, Texas

Take Note of your Community’s Quiet Hours

Another step in being a great neighbor is keeping your voice low and the music down. Each community has its own set of quiet hours and to be a respectful neighbor, we all should be mindful of the hours. Not everyone works the same schedule or maintains the same lifestyle which means even outside of these quiet hours, we should use our headphones and inside voices. Do your best to keep music, TV, and small gatherings at a reasonable noise level. Try to inform your neighbors of any gatherings you may have so they can let you know if anyone needs to turn down the volume.

If you are having a larger gathering, check with your leasing office on any rentable community space to host your event in. How cool would it be to have your next birthday party in your community’s beautiful clubhouse space?

Skyline views of Downtown Denver

Nigh time View at Camden RiNo in Denver, Colorado

Be Friendly and Introduce Yourself

Being a friendly neighbor is always an outstanding quality in apartment living. If you see new residents moving in, go by and introduce yourself. You never know who could end up being a lifelong friend or a good connection to have in a new city. Mingle at the food trucks, while walking your dog, or at resident events. Invite new neighbors to your community’s gym for a good workout or the pool for a swim day.

Offer to help your neighbors if they need it. If you notice your friendly downstairs neighbor hasn’t been walking his dog outside much, check in to see if he may need some assistance. If you know that Susan from down the hall was sick last week, drop by some flowers or snacks to cheer her up. Simple acts of kindness can go a long way!

Maintain open lines of communication and be respectful to your surrounding neighbors. If there are any conflicts, try to handle them as peacefully as possible. If any items need to be addressed by your office team, do not hesitate to connect with a Camden team member.

Camden Tempe West Apartments in Tempe Arizona west pool amenity with sun deck and loungers near barbecue grill and corn hole

Sparkling blue pool at Camden Tempe West in Tempe, Arizona

Keep it Clean

The last thing anyone’s wants to see around their home is litter, a messy amenity space or a spilled drink in the elevator. All amenity and workspaces are shared areas for all neighbors. To be a great neighbor amongst many, we should clean up after ourselves.

If you use a coworking space, throw your trash away. If you use the 45 lb. weights in the gym, wipe them down and rerack them. If you spill something in the hallway or elevator and are unable to clean it up, let the office team know so they can get it cleaned.

Keeping clean does not just entail to the community alone, this also includes your apartment space. Follow the trash pickup guidelines set up for your community. If you follow your valet trash pickup schedule, there will be less trash left out in your hallway or breezeway that can leave a sour stench in the air. We want our homes to shine and being a mindful and clean neighbor is so important in keeping your community beautiful.

Flexible Seating Options in the CoWork Space at Camden NoDa in Charlotte NC

Camden Co-working space at Camden Noda in Charlotte, NC.

Where you call home is an important factor in your life. Being able to feel at home is even more important. Being a great neighbor makes the community you live in an even better place. When we are mindful of how we are interacting with each other, being good pet owners and keeping our common spaces clean, it makes a world of difference in the place you choose to call home.

If you are ready to be the best neighbor, schedule your tour today at your nearest Camden community.

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