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Going Green Made Easy: Simple Steps for Sustainable Living
Photo Courtesy of Camden
Photo Courtesy of Camden
Rachel Anderson
Wednesday, Jun. 21, 2023

Going green is a bit overwhelming. It is tough to know what products to use or what simple changes you can implement to make a huge difference. Are you ready to take some small but manageable steps to help up your sustainability game? Here are a few easy ideas that can make a significant impact!

Simple Sustainable Substitutes

Switching out a few regularly used items for greener substitutes is an excellent way to go green.

  • Reusable Shopping and Produce Bags – Don’t just bring your groceries home in a cloth bag; get rid of those pesky plastic bags for your produce too!

  • Reusable Food Storage Bags – Glass containers, silicone bags, stainless steel tins, and beeswax food wraps will save you money and reduce the amount of plastic waste you generate.

  • Reusable Mop Pads - You don’t need those fancy, name-brand, disposable, one-time-use mop pads. Use a reusable mop to make your floors sparkle.

Farmers market alongside community every weekend

Photo Courtesy of Camden Tuscany Apartments in San Diego, FL

Shop Local

Shopping locally is the way to go! If you shop locally, not only are you supporting a local business, but you are helping reduce the carbon footprint of the goods that you buy. Just think about all the planes, trains, boats, and trucks to get your purchased goods to your front door. By reducing the mileage that your food and home goods must go, you are helping the environment! A great way to get some of your local all in one place is at a local farmers market. Grab your local veggies, freshly made bread, gorgeous flowers, and more! Many of our Camden communities have great local Farmer’s Markets every week just a few minutes away, such as Camden Pier District in Tampa, FL, where the Saturday Morning Market is the place to be!

Grow your Own Veggies and Herbs

Did you know a few of our Camden communities have gardens where your green thumb can thrive? You can start at Camden North Quarter in Orlando and Camden Westchase Park in Tampa! Each has a community garden where residents can reserve a 2x4 garden box to grow anything their green thumb desires!

If your Camden community does not have a community garden – no worries! Here are a few tips on how to grow a herb garden or salsa garden on your balcony!

The resident garden at Camden Westchase Park.

The community garden at Camden Westchase Park

Need some other great sustainable living tips? Check out our SimplyCamden blog about the Top 5 Sustainable Cleaning Products for your Home. You will be living green in no time!

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