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Five Feline-Friendly Apartment Home MUST HAVES!
Photo courtesy of Simply Camden Blogger, Ashley L.
Photo courtesy of Simply Camden Blogger, Ashley L.
Ashley Laviner
Monday, Jan. 30, 2023

Having a feline companion inside your home is great. Keeping said companion from destroying your carpet, couches, etc., isn’t always the easiest. So as a cat momma of two, I’m here to share some of my apartment must-haves for a cat-friendly home.

1. Renters Insurance

This is a great one that most people forget, but most renters’ insurance companies will allow you to add coverage for your pets (cats or dogs). Having renter’s insurance that covers your pets will help with expenses in case of unwanted pet damage.

2. Carpet and Furniture Scratch Stoppers

These are great if you prefer your cat not to be in your bedroom at all or just while you sleep. They help protect the carpet in the doorways where your cat may try scratching to get into the room while you are keeping them out. The one I have comes from Amazon and can be purchased for around $35 and has a 5-year warranty.

If you have a cat who enjoys scratching as much as mine do, this will be a lifesaver. Furniture tape is a double-sided tape that detours cats from scratching fabric furniture, including couches, chairs, beds, and curtains.

3. Scratch Post/Tower with Post

A scratch post gives cats a place to stretch their paws while also removing the outer layer from the cats’ nails. Scratching is normal for cats, it helps with relieving stress, excitement, etc. Scratching posts just give them a positive location to do so.

A lot of cat towers now have built-in scratch pads/posts. Towers give cats a place to play, hide, and have their own personal space. Towers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, which also will help with exercise for your cat. These cat posts and/or towers can be at just about any pet store, amazon, and chewy.

Nala cat - photo courtesy of Ashley L. - blogger

Photo courtesy of Ashley L.

4. Rooms with a View or Access to Outdoor Space

Having a room or space in your home with open views of the outdoors is great for cats. Just like humans and dogs, most cats enjoy sunbathing. They also enjoy watching prey from the windows.

If you live on a higher floor, you may want to allow your cat onto your balcony or enclosed area outdoors. If you are in an apartment that does not have an enclosed area, a great alternative would be opening your sliding glass door and keeping the screen closed if you have one, or I use a magnetic self-sealing screen door (purchased through Amazon). This allows my cats to go to and from my balcony as they please without having to always leave a door and screen door fully open.

Pro-tip: Beware if your cat's view of the outdoors has blinds! Open or lift them to keep the cat from destroying your blinds trying to get to a bird, animal, or insect on the other side of the window.

5. Cat Brush

Lastly, cat brushes will help with shedding by brushing your cat frequently it will keep from unwanted shedding of cat hair within your home. This may also help keep them from possibly developing hairballs.

I hope these tips and accessories help you navigate moving into your new apartment home with a feline friend. If you only have one cat, Camden communities are very pet friendly and allow up to three pets in our home. So, feel free to check out the local Wake County Animal Shelter and bring home a new feline friend or give yours a companion today!

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Photo by Ashley Laviner

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