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Finding the Perfect Aesthetic For Your Home
Beautiful home at Camden Woodmill Creek in Spring, TX
Beautiful home at Camden Woodmill Creek in Spring, TX
Ashton Gaconnier
Wednesday, May. 1, 2024

Finding a place to call home can be a daunting task. What city will you live in? What will the commute to work be like? How close are you to family or friends? Once you pinpoint your perfect home, you can check one thing off your list. Finding the place to call home is one thing, but finding your perfect home aesthetic is another. Finding the latter involves truly understanding your personal preferences when it comes to style and how you want the place to call home to feel.

Here are a few curated tips to help you make the style transition to your perfect Camden apartment home:

1. Gather Inspiration

Consider what spaces make you take a second glance. What places feel like home to you? Do you notice a recurring theme or atmosphere that makes you want to buy everything in the store? Take note of what items spark a little bit of joy or create a sense of calm within you.

I gather inspiration from local vintage shops and boho-themed restaurants. Recently, I found inspiration in the Camden North End Sky Lounge and the Camden Durham Resident Lounge. I love the colors and eclectic items I see in these spaces, so that is where I found a vision for my home.

Clubhouse with seating area and fireplace

Beautiful Resident Lounge at Camden Durham in Durham, NC

2. Consider your Lifestyle

Think about how you use your spaces at home and what activities or hobbies are important to your life. Your newfound home aesthetic should coincide and support your daily routine.

3. Experiment with Samples and Themes

We are in our “try before you buy” era. Everything online now has a try-on section. Even taking a tour of your future home can be done from the comfort of your couch.

You can order samples of couch material, paint swatches and even use an app to visualize a piece of furniture in your home. Don’t purchase something until you know it will go with the pieces you have or add an eclectic flare to your apartment home. I say, don’t be afraid to mix and match if the combinations suit each other.

Sky lounge mountain view

Breathtaking Sky Lounge at Camden North End in Phoenix, AZ

4. Seek Advice from an Expert

If the process of change or making choices is overwhelming or stressful, consider seeking professional advice or expertise. An interior designer, decorator or even a friend who you have gained inspiration from are great resources. These types of individuals can curate a more cohesive design for your space. Newly opened Camden communities typically seek advice of local designers, so that can be a great place to start after your tour.

5. Take your Time

Your home aesthetic is not something to rush. It can evolve over time, and finding the perfect theme or pieces that speak to you cannot be done in one weekend. This is the case when searching for your home as well.

Take your time and find the space that speaks to you. Embrace the slow pace as you curate the perfect space to call home.

Camden Tempe West Apartments in Tempe Arizona lobby entrance seating area

Colorful Lobby Entrance at Camden Tempe in Tempe, AZ

In the end, your home is a direct reflection of who you are and what items speak to you. Trust yourself in choosing what feels right for you and your lifestyle. Be ready to edit and keep only the items that align with your inspirational vision and brings you joy in the space. Be creative and let your space speak to exactly who you are.

To find the perfect home to create your perfect aesthetic in, contact a Camden community nearest you to schedule a tour.

Happy decorating from your Camden team!

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