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Cutting Down on Electric Usage
Photo courtesy of Camden
Photo courtesy of Camden
Bianca Welsh
Thursday, Jun. 8, 2023

When renting an apartment, one question we always ask is, “How much are utilities?” And for the most part, we receive a general answer of “it is based on usage.” Of course, there is general everyday usage, but how can we keep that as minimal as possible? Here are a few ways that we, as apartment residents, can cut down on our electric usage.

Use Fans

Did you know the direction that your ceiling fan turns will affect the heating and cooling of the room? By changing the switch on the fan to run counterclockwise, the air will circulate to help cool the room. While running the fan clockwise will circulate the heated air in the winter!

If your apartment home doesn’t have a ceiling fan, a large oscillating fan will do the trick! Circulating air throughout your apartment will keep your HVAC from constantly running during the summer months, which will help you save energy!

Ceilingfan_Energy-Saving Ways To Warm Your Apartment This Winter

Photo courtesy of Pexels

Run the AC or Heating Efficiently

During the summer months in Florida, we tend to rack up the highest electric bills. In preparation for our HVAC units to be running throughout the day and evening, it’s best to take a look at your vents.

Your apartment HVAC system will pump the cold air to each room through vents in either the ceilings or walls. Check that each vent is open completely.

You should also change out your HVAC filter once a month. If you are unable to reach the vent switch or change your filter, simply submit a service request, and a Camden maintenance team member will be happy to assist!

Remove Dust

Remember to clean easy-to-forget spots like your refrigerator coils or dryer vent! When appliances have built up dust, they will work harder & eat up more electricity. Keeping everything clean & functioning is an easy way to find efficient ways to use energy.

These are just a few simple ways to cut down on your electric usage. What are some things you’ve found on your own?

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