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Common Apartment Service Requests and Solutions
Photo courtesy of Camden
Photo courtesy of Camden
Brooke Kinert
Friday, Feb. 16, 2024

Having an on-call maintenance team is one of the biggest perks of apartment living. And our residents living in a Camden apartment would agree, our Camden maintenance team members are the best!

With that in mind, we asked our hard-working professionals about the most common service requests they handle and how you can help prevent them from happening.

In Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Keep Drains Clear

Many maintenance calls stem from clogged drains. The number one rule is never to pour grease down your drain. A simple trick, pour grease into a can or metal container, let it harden, and then throw it away in the garbage. We also recommend never disposing of peels or large amounts of food down the garbage disposal. (We've even dedicated a blog post on how to care for your garbage disposal.)

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Photo courtesy of Camden Las Olas

Address Leaky Faucets & Running Toilets

A leaky faucet isn't just an annoyance; it can waste a lot of water! If you have a faucet that drips or hear the toilet running on its own, it's time to ask maintenance for help. In the case of a running toilet, we usually advise that you try flushing the toilet to stop the running water. If that doesn't stop the flow, give us a call!

Don't Overstuff Your Fridge or Freezer

To properly cool items in the freezer and fridge, you must ensure the freezer compartment is not completely full. When the freezer is full, there is no room for air circulation. Clean out those items that have been in the fridge for a while and make some room!

Prevent Spotty Dishes

Seeing spots on clean dishes is frustrating! Many products like Jetdry can help but setting the dishwasher to hot wash, or heated dry will also help. This will turn the heating element on and help with the drying process, but if it is off, the dishes will drip dry, resulting in a higher probability of spots.

Your Washer and Dryer

Don't Overstuff your Washing Machine

We get service requests about washing machines or dryers not working correctly. When we arrive, we find that a resident is washing a bunch of bedding & comforter or an overly large load of clothes. This added weight causes damage to the motor and transmission, and in the worst-case scenario, if the float switch is not operating properly, your apartment can flood. Wash clothing and bedding in smaller loads to help prevent damage or wear and tear on your machine.

Camden Pecos Ranch Apartment home Chandler Arizona laundry room with full size side by side washer and dryer and a storage shelf and wood-like flooring

Photo courtesy of Camden Pecos Ranch

Clean the Lint Trap Every Time

No one wants to open their dryer and find their clothes still wet. To help prevent this, always clean the dryer lint filter after every load. Removing the lint prevents it from making its way into the machine. If the dryer lint filter is clogged, the appliance cannot remove the heat and will shut down the heating element or gas burner, leading to damp clothes after the cycle finishes.

Throughout Your Apartment

Block Some Rays

We all love natural light, but the summer sun can make your apartment heat up pretty quickly forcing the air conditioning to work extra hard. During the day close or tip the blinds upward to help block out heat and conserve electricity.

Open-concept living room with large windows and natural lighting at Camden Greenway Apartments in Houston, TX

Photo courtesy of Camden Greenway

Use your Thermostat's Auto Settings

Do you like to turn off your A/C when you are away or set it high, so it won’t run throughout the day? Once you come home, though, it takes a lot longer to cool your apartment down because your furniture, walls, and carpet in an apartment have retained the heat that has been built up all day. Removing heat and getting the apartment cool again takes a lot of time and energy. We recommend setting your A/C at a comfortable temperature for the whole day.

Mind Your Outlets

No one wants to lose power to outlets through their apartment. To avoid a circuit breaking, make sure not to plug in too many lights, TVs, and other appliances that may constantly run in one room. Items such as curling irons and hair dryers use a lot of electricity, and if one is heating up and the other is running, you risk overloading the breaker. One suggestion is to dry your hair and then heat your curling iron separately or ensure you do not have other items running in the room adjacent to that bathroom, as sometimes those rooms may be on the same circuit.


Camden Maintenance team members are well-equipped with training and experience to handle anything that may need repair inside your apartment home or the community. We know maintenance issues happen. Call us anytime; we are here for you!

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