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Camden Builders, Inc. - New Hope Housing Avenue J
Photo courtesy of Camden Builders, Inc.
Photo courtesy of Camden Builders, Inc.
Guest Blogger
Monday, Dec. 5, 2022

Camden supports and gives back to local communities through Camden Cares initiatives throughout the year. Another way we support local communities is with Camden Builders, Inc., who partners with local housing organizations and municipalities, building affordable housing for individuals and families on a fixed income.

Recently, Camden Builders, Inc., partnered with The City of Houston Housing and Community Development, the U.S. Department of Housing and Community Development, and contributions from the New Hope Housing organization to complete New Hope Housing Avenue J.

New Hope Housing Avenue J - Empty Lot prepared for demo and ground leveling

From an empty lot and preparations for demo and ground leveling...

Dirtwork and Utilities contractors working to level the property

Avenue J progress collage

New Hope Housing Avenue J - Completed main entrance

to the beautiful new New Hope Housing Avenue J!

Camden Builders, Inc. has not only worked with New Hope Housing on NHH Avenue J, but our top-quality builders have also completed more than eight other projects going back to 2005, including New Hope’s newest headquarters at New Hope Housing Dale Carnegie in 2020.

Many of these communities are designed as Single Resident Occupancy (SRO) catering to formerly homeless individuals, and those recovering from addiction or trying to overcome unsafe living conditions. In 2023, Camden Builders, Inc. will be completing its ninth development with New Hope Housing, NNH Savoy, with many more to come.

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