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Battle of the Pines: Live Christmas Trees vs Artificial Trees in Your Apartment Home
Photo courtesy of Camden
Photo courtesy of Camden
Nick Leone
Saturday, Dec. 17, 2022

One of the oldest traditions during the holiday season is the Christmas Tree. Starting in the 1830's, Americans started the yearly tradition as a way to celebrate with family. Filling its home with fragrances of fresh pine, families for generations have decorated Douglas Firs, Grand and Noble furs, plus many other varieties of trees. However, over the last three decades owning an artificial tree has become more en-vouge than ever! In the following you will see the pros and cons with both types, which should help you decide what kind of tree to buy for this holiday season.

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*Photo courtesy of Camden Property Trust*

Buying, owning, and caring for a natural Christmas Tree

In my opinion, one of the best parts of the holiday season is making the trip to the farm to buy the perfect tree. The shape, the branches, the smell, all of the factors that come together to give you the perfect tree is simply exhilarating once you find it. Price of course, is a large factor in this as well. Some of the best priced trees in Orange County tend to come from Home Depot, Lowes, and local tree lots. Below are some major factors that should be considered when purchasing your tree:

  • Height: Make sure you buy the right sized tree! Something too tall wont fit, and something too small with make your guests giggle and call you Charlie Brown!

  • Fullness: The ideal tree will not have gaps in the branches, nor will it have large gaping holes. If your tree has these, simply turn the tree around and have the area with the gaps be the back end of the tree. Keep the full, beautiful side to the front!

  • Responsible Gathering: Do your research into the lot you are buying from! If you're buying from Home Depot or Lowes, typically these trees are responsibly harvested and did not harm the environment from where they came. If you buy from a smaller, privately owned lot, make sure that they didn't hurt the area where they harvested their trees from. A responsibly gathered tree, is a guilt free tree!

  • Smell: If you can, make sure your tree smells great too! There's nothing better than coming home to your Camden apartment home full of the smell of fresh pine!

  • Price: Make sure the tree you want fits your budget! If you have champagne taste on a Bud Light budget, make sure you find the tree that fits your needs! WATER YOUR TREE EVERY DAY to keep it healthy throughout the holiday season.

When living at an apartment community like Camden Martinique, it's always important to know where and when you can dispose of your tree. Make sure to follow up with your management team to find out where and when you can dispose of your tree.

Now that we've discussed why you should get a natural tree, lets take a look at the reasons why you should purchase an artificial tree!

Holiday tablescape with gold holiday trees, maroon table runner, cedar pine garland, and flameless candles.

*Photo courtesy of Camden Property Trust*

The very first artificial tree was produced and sold in 1930. Made by the Addis Brush Company, this tree was made with their brush heads and painted green. This revolutionized the Christmas décor market, and brought with it an explosion in artificial tree buying. By the year 2018, over 82% of the trees on display in America were artificial. In under 100 years the majority of Americans and American businesses are using artificial trees.

Artificial trees have many advantages to natural trees. Such as:

- Never die, wither, or loose their shape

- No need to water

- Buy it once and save it for years, where as natural trees die by January 3rd.

- You can buy a style of tree normally not available in your region or possibly after all of the natural trees have been bought.

- Easier to decorate

- Your cat cant break it as easily.

These are just a few quick points about the advantages of an artificial tree, but do keep in mind that some artificial trees are very expensive, or can also not be expensive and look very cheap.

In my opinion, nothing can top the look, feel and smell of a lusciously full Grand Fur. Some other may disagree and see the consistency in having the same artificial tree every year. Either way you celebrate, make sure you do it responsibly and safely. Happy Holidays everyone!

For more holiday tips and tricks, check out these ways to decorate your apartment with care!

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