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3 New Restaurants to Try in Austin
Kayla Craigman
Monday, Nov. 27, 2023

Restaurants have been popping up in Austin all year. Finding a new restaurant to try is fun, especially when it is close to your apartment. Here are my new restaurant recommendations in Austin.

Elementary officially opened its doors this summer. Serving Texas-style wagyu, creamy plates of pasta, and seafood. Located on South Lamar and open seven days a week, this will be your next dinner spot. It is less than five miles from Camden Rainey Street and Camden Gaines Ranch.

Cosmic Saltillo's is as cool as its name sounds. It is the perfect place to grab a nice bite, frozen drinks, and sit outdoors. This is a Fall favorite, especially after a hike or workout. I'd recommend their Liquid Sunshine, packed with electrolytes and vitamins to keep you hydrated. Cosmic Saltillo's is dog-friendly, and outdoor seating is open for yourself and your pet friends. It is the perfect location for Camden Lamar Heights residents who can bring their pets to Cosmic Saltillos after a walk in the dog park.

My last recommendation is Yamas Greek Kitchen. This new restaurant transports you from the music capital to Greece with its authentic cuisine and blue interior design. Be sure to try their grilled octopus, raw bar, and tender grilled lamb chops. Yamas is a beautiful place to visit for an anniversary, birthday, or celebration.

These restaurants are great options for everyone to enjoy, and close proximity to many of our Camden Austin locations. You can schedule a tour at any of our Austin Camden locations to make one of these restaurants your new go-to spot!

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