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What is Bilt Rewards Alliance?
Photo courtesy of Camden Washingtonian
Photo courtesy of Camden Washingtonian
Brooke Kinert
Thursday, Mar. 30, 2023

Did you know that renting at Camden could help fund your next vacation or pave a path toward homeownership? Our partnership with Bilt Rewards is making that possible. Camden residents can participate in the Bilt Rewards Alliance, giving you exclusive access to additional rewards and benefits.

What Are The Benefits of Choosing The Bilt Rewards Alliance?

Boost Your Credit History with Rent Reporting

All members living in a Bilt Alliance community with Camden can opt-in to have their rent payments shared with all three credit bureaus! Everyplace that calculates your credit score will now have it. Bilt is the first company to offer this to renters and their property management companies for free. Learn how to set this up here.

Earn Points on Rent

As a Camden resident, you can earn points on rent by joining Bilt Rewards and paying your rent from a linked checking account through the Bilt app. Learn more about how to get started with Bilt Rewards here.

Earn Points Through the Bilt Travel Portal powered by Expedia

Bilt Members earn points on purchases made through the Bilt Travel Portal, powered by Expedia. This includes purchases paid fully with any credit/debit card and purchases paid with Bilt Points and a card. On points + cash bookings, you will earn points on the portion paid with a card.

You can choose from 500+ airlines, 700K+ properties, 120+ car rental companies, and thousands of activities around the world for your next adventure.

Earn 100 Bonus Points for Each Linked Loyalty Account

Link your Bilt Rewards account to one of Bilt’s many airline frequent flyer partner programs (American Airlines, United Airlines, and more) and hotel loyalty programs in the Bilt app. Click on the airline logos on the Flights tab of the Bilt Rewards app and enter the information each partner airline requests; the same goes for the hotel tab.

What Can Bilt Points Do For You?

From paying your rent to booking your next vacation, your rewards are endless. Bilt Points have been named the most valuable travel currency on the market by Bankrate.

Explore all the ways Camden residents can redeem their Bilt Points here.

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