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Top Five Pet-Friendly Houseplants
Photo courtesy of Istock
Photo courtesy of Istock
Brooke Kinert
Friday, May. 20, 2022

A little-known challenge many pet owners face is keeping both a house plant and a pet flourishing simultaneously. I'm a plant-lover and wasn't aware until recently that many common plants can be dangerous to our pets. So, how do we choose the right plants?

Simply follow along to discover five plants that won’t harm your pets while keeping your home thriving!

1. Lavender

Did you know that lavender acts as a built-in air purifier? It requires minimal watering and prefers bright light, making it perfect for a windowsill or plant stand companion. This plant also repels spiders, so if you are anything like me, you will have one on each side of the patio to protect you from the creepy crawlies!

2. Pothos

Many of us are familiar with this low-maintenance, bright beauty. It only requires watering once a week to maintain its signature green and yellow hues. Since it only requires indirect light, this can make a great addition to a bedroom or kitchen. Fun fact: this plant loves to crawl, so if you choose to keep it indoors, don’t be fooled by its wandering limbs.

3. Spider Plant

Don’t let the name scare you; this hardy plant is an excellent asset to your home! With its sprawling leaves and unique colors, you will surely fall in love. A spider plant requires once a week watering or as needed. Its leaves act as a canopy, which would be a perfect fit for an apartment living room or accent corner.

4. Snake Plant

One of my favorite signature plants, this indestructible plant isn’t picky about where it lives. It requires low-bright light, making it a perfect choice for wherever in your apartment you see fit! With its dark emerald tones, it fits well with a bohemian or modern vibe. Water as needed or when the soil feels stiff and dry.

5. Birds Nest Fern

This plant is best known for its wavy ripple-edge fronds, which pleasantly cascade outward. Since the fronds tend to be heavy, this plant would be a great hanging plant in a living room or bedroom. It requires indirect sunlight and water as needed.

Plants Never Go Out of Style

You can easily find each of these plants at your local home improvement store or nursery. They are affordable and interchangeable. From hanging to potting, they will make a great addition to your apartment home, all while keeping your pets safe.

One of my favorite ways to display plants in my home is with macramé plant hangers, which can be found everywhere from your local hardware store, to Amazon. I

Happy planting!

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