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The Camden Allure - Why I Came Back to Work for Camden
Photo courtesy of Camden Atlantic Apartments
Photo courtesy of Camden Atlantic Apartments
Esteban Langer
Monday, Jul. 3, 2023

Camden was recently included for the 16th time in a row on Forbes Magazine’s list of 100 Best Companies To Work For! That is a great achievement for any business, but for me it is personal. I was one of the crazy ones who left Camden looking for greener pastures - only to come back home in less than two years. That made me ask, what makes Camden different? What makes it better? In short, what is the Camden allure?

Let’s start with the obvious; Camden is a big and stable company with hundreds of properties across the U.S. with close to 1600 employees. The knowledge that Camden is here for the long run brings peace of mind in times of uncertainty.

At the same time, Camden is innovating, always looking for the next improvement, the next best thing for the life of their employees and residents. In other words, Camden is constantly growing.

You can add to this the GREAT benefits package, which includes common ones like paid vacation and sick days, 401k plan, bonuses, medical, vision, dental, and maternity AND paternity leave.

But what if I told you that Camden also offers their team members company stock shares and helps team members further their education with tuition assistance? Camden also offers team members an exclusive 20% discount on the rent at their apartment communities. And then my personal favorite…the GUEST SUITES!!! Camden has 26 fully furnished apartments in 13 cities available for employees to rent for only $20 per night. Those are only a few of the extraordinary benefits.

Relaxing private balcony

Photo courtesy of Camden Lee Vista

All that is great, but at the end of the day, none of it is worth it if your workdays are long and the end of the day can’t get here soon enough. Here is where Camden’s secret shines. First, the people. The ones that have your back when you need it and make you feel like part of a team that appreciates and needs you. The camaraderie makes your day fun and flies by.

The second secret is the Camden culture. One could say it can almost be touched at Camden's team member events like the ACE Awards, which showcases excellence at the personal and team levels. But the Camden culture also includes events like giving back to the community through Camden Cares activities nationwide.

Camden Florida team members at ACE awards

Photo courtesy of Camden

Camden’s culture is reflected in our overall mission to improve the lives of team members, customers, and shareholders, one experience at a time.  All of the small and bigger things are what show what Camden is…the Camden culture; that is the real Camden allure.

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