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3 Best Running Trails in Houston Inside the Loop
Photo courtesy of Canva
Photo courtesy of Canva
Guest Blogger
Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2022

I love living in the heart of Houston. I can walk to my favorite bars and restaurants from my apartment in the Midtown neighborhood. Plus I have convenient access to a bunch of diverse running trails! Here are the 3 best running trails in Houston:

Buffalo Bayou is my favorite place to run. I like it because it has more variety than the other running trails. Houston is a flat city, so this is a great chance to get some hills in. There are also a ton of bridges, making it easy to change the distance of your run.

These trails are close to Camden City Centre, Camden Midtown Houston, and Camden Travis Street. For more information about the running trails and parking, take a look at trail map.

What are the 3 best running trails in Houston? Buffalo Bayou running trails is one of the best running trails in Houston.

Photo courtesy of Camille Subrt

Memorial Park deserves a solid number two. I love the Lieberman Exer-Trail at Memorial Park because of how well lit it is. This three mile trail is my go-to running trail after dark. It feels safer than the others because of the lighting and how many people there are. The best part about this park is that they always have plenty of parking spaces- a rare commodity in Houston.

Memorial Park is less than three miles from Camden Heights and Camden Post Oak. For more information about the trail and parking, view this map.

Memorial Park Lieberman Exer-Trail

Photo courtesy of Camille Subrt

Rice University Trail & Hermann Park Conservancy go hand in hand because they are next to each other. The Rice University Trail is famous for its shady trees (a godsend in the summer)! The trail is about three miles and runs along the perimeter of the university’s campus. Check out this Rice University Campus Map with information about visitor parking.

Hermann Park Conservancy is just across Main Street from Rice. Marvin Taylor Trail is a scenic two mile trail within Hermann Park. I love cooling down after a run with a stroll in the peaceful Centennial Gardens. For more information about Hermann Park, check out this interactive map.

These two trails are close to Camden Greenway, Camden Plaza, and Camden Vanderbilt.

Hermann Park Marvin Taylor Trail

Photo courtesy of Camille Subrt

Of course, all Houstonians know that Houston weather has a mind of its own! Take comfort in knowing that all our inner loop Houston Camden communities have 24 hour fitness centers. These fitness centers are equipped with high endurance cardio equipment and are available rain or shine! If you live at a Camden community, you'll never have to worry about how you will get your run in! Need a few extra leg workouts to make those running muscles strong? Here is how you can maximize your leg day at home in your Camden apartment!

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